When it comes to real estate investing, commercial projects are an entirely different beast. But the good news is this: many residential real estate investors have made the successful leap to commercial investing – which can be a very profitable venture, if done correctly.

Whether or not you’ve considered dabbling in commercial real estate investing, you’ll want to hear what Tim Milazzo has to say on the topic. In 2017, Tim founded StackSource, a technology-based company that matches commercial real estate investors with the ideal lenders for their specific project and needs.

The process is simple: commercial real estate investors take StackSource’s easy and quick online questionnaire, and are then provided a list of lenders that match their unique needs. StackSource also matches each investor with an experienced advisor, who can negotiate with the potential lenders on your behalf – ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

In this podcast, Tim explains how the StackSource process has been a “win” for many investors looking to get into the commercial side of things. (After all, commercial financing is needed for multi-family properties with 5+ units or even 3-unit properties that also include a retail space, for instance.)

Tim also chats about his future goals for StackSource (which include building on their current base of 200+ lenders), and shares some golden nuggets for any entrepreneur who is hoping to start their own company.



Wholesaling isn’t for everyone, but it can be an amazingly profitable venture in the right markets. What questions do you have about wholesaling? Let us know.

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