Known as “The Flip King,” real estate investor Joe Evangelisti has done over 1,000 property deals and flips $10 million+ in real estate every year. It’s safe to say he’s pretty much an expert in the areas of flipping properties and wholesaling.

But—get this—Joe only spends about 5-10 hours a week working for his company now. After building up a successful business and putting a rockstar team in place, Joe was able to step away from his owner-operator responsibilities and shift entirely to an owner role instead.

Now, Joe has a passion for helping other real estate investors achieve the same goal: shifting from the “implementer” to the visionary of their companies. In this podcast, he shares his tried-and-true tips for finding the best team members for your business—which is the first step toward releasing your operator responsibilities to someone else. He also explains how he screens potential employees, and how he continues assessing their performance in the first 90 days of employment.

Joe also shares several defining features of an exceptional operator, and the traits that you—as the owner—should probably have if you want the transition to be successful.

So, if your goal is to eventually focus on the direction of your real estate investing business and step away from the day-to-day work (even some of the bigger operational decisions)—you’ll want to hear Joe’s advice. Take a listen to learn how he built an awesome team of 20+ employees and made his professional dream come true:



Wholesaling isn’t for everyone, but it can be an amazingly profitable venture in the right markets. What questions do you have about wholesaling? Let us know.

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