One of my clients that I fund a lot of deals for, Anthony, has become a master of Wholesaling Pre-habs.

I fund 4-10 deals a month for him (like clockwork), and he’s getting in and out of these properties for quick profits.

So I was thinking that you should get to know his system.

Here’s his process:

1. Anthony markets to off market properties in C and B areas that are vacant and out-of-town owners with equity.
2. Pulls the list from my software.
3. Also gets deal flow from other wholesalers.
4. Gets the property under contract with the seller at a wholesale price.
5. Closes on them with none of his own money.
6. I fund the deals for him.
7. His handyman does carpet, paint and clean up
8. Then Anthony wholesales them to investors, cash, and landlord buyers for a quick payday and he leaves a lot of “meat on the bone” for his buyers.


Imagine closing 1-3 deals a month for $10k to $15k profits per deal.

  • With very little risk
  • Without having to know much about construction…. just carpet and paint.
  • With pre-approved and proven funding. (That’s where me and my team come in!)
  • And a built in list of quick cash repeat buyers.

A really simple yet powerful strategy.

More and more of my students are using this combo of Wholesaling + Private Money + Prehab to turn houses fast.

Be Daring,

Josh Cantwell
Strategic Real Estate Coach


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