Real estate powerhouse Raul Villacis has sold over 100 million dollars worth of assets, but his real passion and superpower is helping men gain confidence and clarity in all aspects of life. His own story really inspires me as I start to make the transition from single residential units into commercial real estate. He also has an event coming up called The Next Level that you won’t want to miss.

If you’ve been struggling with feeling held back by your own struggles and stories, I know Raul’s passion for his work and his own personal transformation will inspire you as well. He has a huge heart and you can really tell that he genuinely lives his mission from the inside out. Raul shifted his own life from living in fear to rebuilding a completely new foundation, and his positive energy is beyond contagious.


When Covid hit the world in 2020, Raul (like most of us) was filled with fear and uncertainty both on the business and health fronts. He even contracted the virus himself early on and his perspective shifted from worrying about business and financial concerns to more important questions, like whether or not his wife would become ill, or if he’d wind up needing serious medical care. He was stopped dead in his tracks and had to really depend on his inner strength to pull through, but he’s been cultivating that for a really long time.

Although Covid prompted Raul to take a step back and ask himself how prepared he was to “weather the storm”, he was able to draw upon his experiences when handling the 2008 economic crash. Much of the uncertainty he felt in 2020 was similar to what he was going through back then. That experience made him explore the deeper, more meaningful aspects of life – in particular, whether or not he was truly living his purpose. Because of the heavy lifting he was able to do over a decade ago, he was able to ride things out with a strong sense of authentically built confidence.


    After the 2008 financial crisis, Raul travelled to India to study with monks as a part of his quest to find deeper purpose and meaning. He was introduced to all sorts of meditation methods, leading him to realize just how much he was operating from a place of fear. Most people go through life masking fear as stress and never addressing the root causes. Instead, we tend to numb our pain and stress with vices and this is something Raul knows very well. He drank to try to take his mind off the real inner work, but he could only carry on for so long until he was forced to come face to face with himself.

    Raul’s story of finally gaining the courage to put down the bottle in the name of clarity is one that so many of us can relate to. He mentions that God calls us to be leaders and when we become what he calls “sedated warriors,” we miss our calling and stray from our path towards authentic success. We need to be emotionally fit to be a leader, and it’s in those moments of chaos where we’re able to be 100% present with our feelings that real strength is created.

    Our pain can be the catalyst to whatever our next step in the journey is. Raul believes that the first step is to heal yourself, then from there you can utilize the lessons to really create an impact for others. This is truly evident in Raul’s story and he carries that through with crystal clarity in his speaking engagements and events. Emotional fitness is of utmost importance. While he claims he didn’t have much of it in 2008, Raul certainly is filled with it now and serves as such an amazing example for aspiring leaders in any arena.


    Changing your life doesn’t happen overnight. Creating a strong energetic foundation over time is crucial, and Raul knows very well that taking a long-term approach is the mindset we need to have. It’s unrealistic to think we’re going to have the drive to make big changes every single day, but we can take the time to channel our own energy into the right thoughts so that our minds can stay healthy and focused. Moving from going about our lives in an egocentric manner to an impactful one takes perseverance and commitment.

    Protecting your energy is key in both business and personal matters. Raul believes that everything in this world is made up of energy, and our bodies are the biggest vessel. When we’re able to take in enough energy to create success in our businesses, we should be asking ourselves how we can increase that energy level so that it encompasses things that challenge us further and help us grow. It’s important to be able to discern where we should be placing our attention and where to say “no”. Raul is always protecting the energy that surrounds him because he knows that it’s the backbone to everything he does.

    Raul knows that being afraid to fail can stop us dead in our tracks, and this is something that today’s younger generations can really struggle with. These times we are living with can be so incredibly uncertain, but we can always come back to our inner strength for guidance and courage. It’s critical to be able to learn who you really are so that you can transform your weaknesses into successes. Raul’s story really shows us all how attainable an authentically purposeful life is, as long as we’re able to get honest and real with ourselves.


    Raul is such an incredible inspiration to anyone who is looking for deeper meaning and purpose in life. I am so impressed with his transformation and saw so much of myself in his journey through hardships we’ve all had to face as real estate investors and as men. You can also find your purpose in business and in life with the help of coaches or mentors. Sign up for coaching at JoshCantwellCoaching.com.

    Listen to the full episode here.

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