Attention accredited investors: Accelerate your passive investing!

The current investment marketplace has created a “perfect storm” situation for investors seeking an alternative route to traditional stock market investments. It’s our mission at Freeland Ventures to connect investors to these alternatives: passive real estate investing in multi-family properties and apartments.

As long as you are an SEC accredited investor, our expert team can help you attain more secure returns with physical tangible assets—and thus, a more secure financial future.

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At Freeland Ventures, we have been consistently earning strong secured yields for our clients since 2007. Our investors earn these returns with virtually no effort. Since we owner/operate the buildings and properties, there’s nothing to do as a passive investor—just cut the check and invest. 


  • High Net Returns
  • How passive investors are earning double-digit returns on their investment capital through a secured physical asset.


  • How passive investors are able to reduce risk by diversifying their portfolio through multiple real estate investing opportunities.
    • This diversification includes a wide variety of real estate asset-backed strategies, such as high-yield notes and mortgages on both residential and commercial investments, private lending, and value-add direct equity investment in the acquisition of residential and multi-family real estate.


  • How to maximize a return through passive income by avoiding costly fees and minimizing the risks associated with actively investing in real estate yourself.

Secured Investing

  • How to better protect your investments with a physical asset secured with a note and mortgage and/or equity at a low investment to value.

Physical Assets

  • Why all investments are made in debt and equity backed by physical assets that you can see, that we manage day to day, and how that protects your hard-earned money.

Small Balance

  • And how to diversify across a wide variety of non-institutional real estate asset-based investing opportunities that vary in size, scope, and scale.