Property Discovery & Acquisition

Once we’ve identified potential opportunities, our expert team filters based on key factors—including price, location and asset quality. This process ensures we only acquire investment properties that meet our goals and expectations, and that will pass the stringent underwriting process that follows.

Underwriting & Funding

The initial underwriting process kicks off with our comprehensive 53-step extensive due diligence schedule that taps into our extensive structuring expertise. From onsite inspections to a financial deep dive to mitigating potential risks while maximizing rewards, we dig deep on each potential deal, with only the most qualified moving forward to be approved for funding and purchase.

Renovations, Property Development & Ongoing Value Add

Freeland Ventures focuses on renovating each investment property. To build value, our team is able to refresh or overhaul underperforming assets, which would drive up rents and increase interest. This immediately improves cash flow and long-term capital appreciation, while limiting ongoing maintenance expenses. This creates a more valuable asset for all parties.

Our partners and investors receive quarterly updates during the renovation process. Between these check-ins, our team is available via phone or email as needed.

Stabilizing & Refinancing Assets

Once the property is stabilized for 90 days, we refinance the property with long-term financing at a fixed interest rate. At that time, we pay back the acquisition loan and equity investors in full. With long-term debt in place, investors maintain equity in perpetuity and receive quarterly cash flow distributions and property financial statements.

Managing & Operating Structured Assets

While choosing high-potential investment properties is essential, at the end of the day any asset can only perform as well as it’s managed. At Freeland Ventures, we’re invested in not just our properties but also in the systems, processes, and tools needed to successfully manage a portfolio of income-producing assets across multiple markets.