Acquisition Strategy

Once acquired and funded, Freeland Ventures focuses on renovating and stabilizing investment properties. By drilling down on these often-distressed properties, we’re able to acquire high-value, high-demand properties in prime locations which, post-rehab, command significant rental income month after month, year after year.

Target Properties

  • “Distressed” “B” Class apartment buildings requiring cosmetic upgrades, modernized unit turns, updated amenities, software integration for tenants and high touch management
  • Under-performing properties with market and/or management-related challenges
  • Off-market opportunities and direct-to-seller opportunities that can be negotiated directly with owner(s)
  • Primarily focused specifically on Northeast Ohio Assets in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton markets
  • Secondarily focused on strategic markets throughout Ohio such as Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati
  • Thirdly partnering with JV partners throughout the Midwest and Southeast
To that end, our strategy typically centers on secondary & tertiary markets with sizeable populations, and steady economic growth. We anticipate these areas to increase in growth, opportunities and rental needs over time, making them ideal markets for pursuing multifamily investments. As interest rates and housing prices continue to climb, this will enable our investments to remain competitive with high-return potential.