What Makes Freeland Ventures Different?

Freeland Ventures was founded in 2015 by CEO Josh Cantwell and CSO Glenn Lytle. Josh and Glenn have extensive real estate investing and private lending experience dating back to 2001 in various companies, brands, deals, and ventures. Combined, they have been involved in over 1,500 real estate transactions as investor, private lender, loan originator, debt financier, and equity capital partner. Freeland has managed its own diversified high yield debt funds since 2015.  Freeland has also underwritten, originated, structured, and funded more than 300+ residential and commercial private loans and equity investments for other investors and real estate entrepreneurs nationwide. Freeland’s core business strategy is to identify, structure, and underwrite high yield private lender loans and equity investments to experienced, high-value borrowers and partners creating stable, strong, secured returns for passive investors. As investors themselves, they have a substantial and significant understanding of the investing, private lending, servicing, equity investment and fund management space.

Having been investing since 2001, we have operated through multiple market cycles. We are real estate investors and operators using technology to provide unwavering due diligence and investment opportunities. Investors can benefit from our “boots on the ground” market research, information, conditions, trends and investing techniques used by hundreds of operators and borrowers operating as Freeland’s strategic partners.

Freeland Provides investing opportunities and a wide array of options, with these potential benefits:

  • Geographic Diversification
  • Borrower and Operator Diversification
  • Asset Diversification
  • Ordinary Income
  • Appreciation and Capital Gain Income
  • Depreciation Tax Benefits
  • Equity and Partnership Opportunities
  • Asset Class Diversification: Residential and Multi-Family
  • Debt Investments: Notes and Mortgages
  • Diversified Fund Investments

The Freeland Difference

Freeland believes in selecting the best borrowers and operators to invest in. This starts with disciplined underwriting and due diligence on both the borrower/operator and the asset. We select entrepreneurs, operators and borrowers who are successful, competent, hard-working, and enthusiastic investors who truly know and understand their own business model. We apply our “value-add/value investing” approach to every deal we invest in or fund. We take this responsibility very seriously. We understand market cycles, we know real estate is extremely “local,” and that each market is different. We focus on buying and funding undervalued assets with reposition “value-add” opportunities and strong income potential.

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