Bigger isn’t always better – even in the world of real estate investing. For some of us, part-time investing strikes the perfect balance between earning extra income and maintaining a relatively low-stress lifestyle.

In fact, part-time investing is exactly what Brad Crow set out to do about three years ago. Based in the Indianapolis area, Brad had always had an interest in real estate investing, and he was looking to earn some extra money as he approached his retirement years.

Now, with several fix and flips under his belt, Brad is poised for a successful 2019 – and he’s here to share his tips for running a profitable but manageable part-time REI business.

In this podcast, Brad shares the current state of his real estate market in Indianapolis, as well as his investing strategy of purchasing single-family, distressed properties in good neighborhoods.

If you’ve always dreamed about pursuing just a handful of property deals per year, and easing your way into real estate investing, Brad has some awesome pointers you need to hear.

Listen in to hear Brad’s advice, plus his story of a property that earned him nearly 6-figures in profit, despite mold, termites, and a whole host of ordeals:



  • How Brad got involved in real estate investing, and his motivation for doing this part-time
  • Brad’s top methods for finding inventory and scoring the best deals
  • The number of properties Brad likes to have in his pipeline, as a part-time investor
  • How real estate investing has given Brad personal freedom and a comfortable lifestyle
  • Brad’s goals for the coming year


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Wholesaling isn’t for everyone, but it can be an amazingly profitable venture in the right markets. What questions do you have about wholesaling? Let us know.

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