Real estate investors are some of the most successful entrepreneurs around the world. In fact, 90% of millionaires have created at least a portion of their wealth through real estate investments. Talk about the entrepreneurial spirit!

As the founder of multiple 8- and 9-figure businesses, Vinnie Fisher knows a thing or two about becoming a successful entrepreneur. His professional background includes a little bit of everything, but he is currently known for being the CEO of a company called The Total CEO, a Mastermind group that Josh is also part of. Vinnie also runs Fully Accountable, a firm that provides CFOs and CEOs with accounting services and strategic advice.

In this podcast, Vinnie shares his top tips for overcoming challenges and becoming an elite entrepreneur. As someone who has worked with countless leaders, he also names a few of the common characteristics he sees in the most successful businesspeople.

Plus, Vinnie explains the role of an Executive Coordinator/Executive Project Manager, and how hiring for this position can be a huge advantage for real estate investors who want to build their businesses quickly and successfully. Be sure to tune in to hear his additional tips on finding your own niche in your industry.




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Josh:   Hey there and welcome back. This is Josh Cantwell and welcome back to The Strategic Real Estate Coach Podcast, an interview series where we talk to successful real estate investors, leaders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs about investing in real estate for passive income and about getting really high performance from ourselves and our teams. Really excited that you could be back with us. Today I’m with my good friend, Vinnie Fisher. Vinnie is the CEO of an organization called Total CEO, which is a mastermind that I’m in and I’ve been a part of for several years, and he also runs a firm called Fully Accountable, where he provides CFO’s and CEO’s, accounting services and strategic advice, working with them to help them manage their books, manage their business for strategic growth. Vinnie is an amazing connector and entrepreneur. He’s built multiple eight and nine figure businesses. Just worked with other people to build amazing businesses and it’s just an all around great dude. So Vin thanks for joining me today. How are you?

Vinnie:            Good, Josh. I’m doing great. Thanks for having been really a blast to work with your people. It’s been fun and easy to pull together, so thanks for having us.

Josh:   Yeah, absolutely. So Vin today, because of your experience building companies and strategically advising other CEO’s and high level officers in companies, really not going to talk too much real estate today. I want to talk mostly about entrepreneurship, about some of the challenges that CEO’s have from your perspective, both in running your own companies and advising others. And really what it takes to be a high level performer, both running a company, being an elite entrepreneur. You’ve been around many, many, many.

So let me just start out with this question then, out of all the entrepreneurs you’ve been around probably a few characteristics of entrepreneurs that you’ve seen and witnessed and recurring in these, these really high level guys that are doing really well. What are some things that stick out in your mind? Is there one or two things or three things that you observed consistently in elite entrepreneurs that you say, you know, in order to be at an elite guy, you’ve got to have these couple characteristics? What are your thoughts around that?

Vinnie:            Yeah, I’ll tell you. One of them is historically seen as a negative trait, but interestingly, I found that high performers, like you have an unusual dose of stubbornness. And I think that while the world will knock parts of that as not being able to play well and do whatever, I think in order to block out a lot of the false positive noise that’s around us, you need to have a massive dose of stubbornness and I think that’s one of them. So I would say that other entrepreneurs need to know that when dealing with each other, that like sometimes like, if I don’t listen to you, it’s because I programmed to make sure that I don’t listen to you. And I think that we get knocked negatively for that now. Maybe by our wives we should. But I think that’s important.

Vinnie:            Another one that I kind of like I think is important is this, and I think the real estate guys, you probably see this, sometimes I speak on stage and I speak about this idea of going from an offer to an operator, offer to operations. And I think the entrepreneurs that really breakthrough another level start to realize it’s much bigger than them and they don’t build something just to have a great thing around them. They make themselves lesser of so something else can become greater and they start to sacrifice some of their own primary needs for something bigger and I think in order to do that, that key ingredient I see is a continued development of yourself. Meaning you’re willing to accept humility. You’re finding out some things that are good or bad about your leadership style. I immediately knew a healthy organization, I can almost tell if the leader is involved in some form of continued development of himself or herself and then I can almost directly correlate that to leadership within with, with how it looks within the organization.

Josh:   Yeah. That’s some great advice. I appreciate that. You’re so let’s take a step back so our audience can get to know you a little bit more and how you’ve, you know, leveled up your game over time being an attorney and really being involved in the corporate world from an attorney perspective to jumping into entrepreneurship. So just give our audience a little bit of flavor, a little bit of color about your entrepreneurial journey when it started and then we’ll talk a little bit more about Total CEO and what’s going on today.

Vinnie:            Yeah. So, you know, thanks for that. You know, I’m a husband of 24 years, we have four kids. I’d say I have three and a half teenagers and I’m busier now as an active leader in my home than at any point in my career. I’m a lawyer by training. I was in corporate and tax work, did big boy stuff, merger acquisition. Through that process I partnered up with an internet whiz kid, went off to the races, furloughed my law firm through some tragic circumstances that was broken company number one of a series of those, had a good internet run. I only had nine figure for a short period of time, so I usually don’t like resonate well with nine figure businesses. I’ve had a couple eight figures and I’m really thankful to have done that in the work at home space as well as hosting and health supplements. And then in 2014 I saw a massive hole of the way accounting deals with ecommerce and digital companies and so we launched Fully Accountable. I’ve been the CEO of it, offering a full done shared service for ecommerce and digital companies and now where I just told our executive team were too big to be considered smaller and we’re too small to be considered large and we’re in that phase of growing, which I think is the largest in our space in what we do.

Josh:   Got it, love it. So then one of the things that you and I talked about, was when you started Fully Accountable, and I think this will resonate with a lot of different entrepreneurs no matter what niche their in. You know, you told me when you started Fully Accountable, you were providing these accounting and strategic advising services for all different kinds of businesses and you quickly realize that your niche was in this digital economy where you could dive into somebody’s books through their merchant account or through their online QuickBooks account. So maybe talk for a second about through your entrepreneurial journey, when you’ve gotten this light bulb goes off, you see a business opportunity, you think about all the things it could be, but you’ve been really good at then, finding out what the real niche of the business is and really going all in on that one thing because with your accounting business you could’ve done, you could’ve gone the physical way and work with people who are not digital and ECOM, but because you saw that opportunity to work with companies all over the country, all over the world who do digital and ECOM, you’ve dove in and you’ve advised me and a lot of our other members about really going super, super narrow. So if you’re in real estate, it’s not about rehabs, some rentals, some apartments and a fund and doing everything, it’s about going super narrow. So just talk to that for a minute. How you’ve been able to grow businesses using that strategy.

Vinnie:            In order to get that full story of balanced approach, when I originally dreamt up the idea of how to do accounting different, and dreamt up Fully Accountable. I actually started with the idea of working with ecommerce and digital companies, so even worse as we started growing a little bit, I’m talking a couple clients, other businesses would approach us, a nursing home or this or that. I quickly started saying yes to things because we were attracted to revenue, so what happened we had just enough clients to be busy having a staffing problem, massively distracted, being experts in multiple areas. We did exactly what we didn’t want to do, so then we changed our website and started branding ourselves to small businesses. Now there’s 28 and a half million of those, so that’s was going to be a wonderful, delicate problem they have. Before you knew it, we muted our voice.

Vinnie:            We’re muted our voice to being available to a specific group of people and next thing you know, we didn’t give anyone permission with how to work with us because we were broadly available to everybody. Well, I was massively frustrated I’m like, what did I do? Am I not eating my own dog food? What happened here? And I’m like, I went back and read my original business plan and I’m like, holy crap, I did this to myself just like everyone else. I drifted away from what our core was and so literally walked in, told my two business partners, Chris and Rachel, holy crap. We immediately… effective immediately. We didn’t fire people and recklessly hurt them, but we put the guardrails on anything new. And so we quickly exited out of even helping some of your clients, I’m sorry, and real estate. And we exited out of the doctor’s office in a nursing home and have this.

Vinnie:            And now every day, literally every day. So I’m going to go, so let me get this straight, you don’t want to work with us? Yeah, you’re not an ecommerce or digital like, okay. And I can tell you this story, here’s the punch line, every year we have doubled in size because of that. We are approaching the one percent category in the large big boy space as an accounting firm. I know we’re the largest in what we do as the outsource nature in who we play with because there’s nobody else doing it at this level. I will tell you the lie is trying to be available to everybody. It’s that guy who comes up to you in church and says, hey man, I hear you own a company I need a job, can you help me find a job? And you say, yeah, what are you going to do it? Yeah, I don’t know I just want to help people. That’s what it looks like to have a crappy, round two version of Fully Accountable message where I’m just available to small businesses and as soon as we dealt with that is when everything started to taste better.

Josh:   Yeah, that’s amazing. Even this past year, I called Ben up, I sought him out. I remember sitting on my back patio was talking about some of the challenges I was having my own companies and we talked about really just niching down to a couple things. I took that to heart and you know, today we’re only focused on really two things. Me Personally focused only on coaching and raising capital and that’s it. We’re an amazing coaching company at Strategic Real Estate Coach. That’s what we’re good at, that’s what we’re authentic at. We love to coach people to have success.

Vinnie:            So how’s that going? So tell me about how that. I know that it’s a daily battle to fight the world, even internal world of this niching stuff, so talk to me. How’s that going?

Josh:   It’s going great because now my team is all rallying around this one idea of how many new coaching students do we have, how many new coaching applications that have we had, how many coaching applications, and how many coaching students did we get from video, did we get from social media that we get from paper click advertising, did we get from referrals that we get from all these sources and my team is really building this momentum of, you know were not selling all these different products on webinars and from stages and stuff like that. We believe that our students can have the absolute most success enrolling and having some accountability and some partnership and coaching. That’s where they’re going to have the most success. That’s where our most successful students have always gone through that path of coaching, not by buying products and do a home study. So we’ve bought into that now, our business plan is all built around that. I love it because my team now they know that’s the number one goal and now they’re thinking strategically about how do we get more applications, how do we get more coaching students, how can we impact more lives and we’re not doing all these thousand different things of, you know, outside of that, what it’s allowed me to do now is, you know, restart my podcast, which we had hundreds of episodes and hundreds of reviews and we stopped doing like idiots because we just got so tied up in doing other things…

Vinnie:            People are so distracted and pulled in different directions, so good for you man. We just need this story out more people hear, Avatar, niche, all this and it’s like split testing in our space. Everyone says it sounds good and nobody does it.

Josh:   Right right. Now the other concept I want to talk about, which has been really impactful to a lot of the members of Total CEO, something that you really brought to me was this concept as a CEO of having an executive coordinator. A lot of CEO’s, like guys running real estate businesses or other niches or CEO’s and they are often the bottleneck there often the ceiling of their capacity, their time, their mental capacity to push the business forward and you really pushed all of us to focus on having an executive coordinator. Explain what that is, explain how you see that happening for CEO’s. Certainly had a huge impact on my life.

Vinnie:            Yeah, so play along with me, so I do believe in the substance of the concept of a personal assistant. Now, don’t shut down on me. I think the title is wrong, which positions the person wrong. What we do is we have an executive project manager or the project manager of the executive department. That is changing everything, but it’s the same if you go at, so we actually have a young woman who’s killing it, her name is Molly, she is the project manager of the executive department. Her job solely is to make sure that at the executive function we are excelling. That could be as simple as making sure Client Success and Onboarding’s working and vendors are rolling through based on the promises that either myself or maybe Chris or Rachel make. She makes executive function flow in a healthy sense we really report and answer to her and not in an unhealthy sense where there the role of expectations are wrong, but she cares more about the operation in that department then about answering my email or making sure my digital laundry is handled. She’s worried about that part moving forward. Does that make sense?

Josh:   You bet, you bet. Makes sense to me because I haven’t adopted that in my own life. Jen Pennington is my personal executive coordinator and she looks to optimize my calendar, what I’m doing, the meetings that we’re doing, making sure the mission, the vision is out to everybody else.

Vinnie:            And then if she’s doing it in a cadence that works, then she starts to become intuitive. She looks at the calendar, she peeks inside the stuff and she’s jumping and doing it and in a lot cases seeking forgiveness, not permission, and she’s doing it, she’s operating it. And when that person has the freedom to do that and is not sitting around as your personal assistant waiting to be micromanaged, you really started excelling as an organization.

Josh:   Yeah, absolutely. Yeah you Bet. I love the concept and we adopted it. Jen actually was in my organization working in our customer service and client loyalty team and it just worked out that when we opened up the interview process, she’s like, you know, I’d like to interview for that and she has been on my team for three years and I barely knew her. Originally from Pittsburgh interviewed and she was the best candidate and she’s crushing it for us. A lot of the confusion and chaos that I used to cause, we’ve stamped that down quite a bit, if not fully stamped out, I don’t think it ever gets fully stamped out as CEO you know, but stamped out quite a bit and things are running much, much smoother.

Vinnie:            The other thing that I think I’d love to throw into that idea, I don’t think I ever have signed up for operations. Bring someone like your executive coordinator right into the fold it helps to cover up the fraudulence of my inability to operate. It may expose it, it also gives me the freedom to admit some of that so that my team feels comfortable backfilling those pieces of it. I think that’s lost on a lot of people. Your team already knows that you suck at that, now they’re willing to invest in dealing with that man everyone gets this freedom to go work around in instead of through you.

Josh:   Right. So Vinnie when you have that freedom that an executive coordinator often provides that you suck it operations and you can really pour your life, your business life back into the business in a different way. When somebody brings on an executive coordinator and they’re doing their part to optimize executive branch, I found so much more freedom I almost didn’t know what to do with it. What advice would you give somebody then as a CEO? Because a lot of us, we started as business owners operators, were so in the business, were used to the minutia of doing it, doing it, doing it, and the whole goal is get outside and slightly above your business, but then when you’re outside of it and slightly above it, it’s a little bit weird. It’s a little bit lonely. You almost not sure what the hell to do with yourself because a lot of your staff is department heads are taking care of things, so when you’re at that level, you’ve been there multiple times and multiple companies. What do you do as a CEO to unpack the company? What do you spend your time with now, because I think that…

Vinnie:            Lets start, Josh, we’re backing up part of it because first I want to put a disclaimer out, I have never broken a business. I have no idea what you’re talking about. So in theory, theoretically talk about this subject. Here’s what’s funny, isn’t it hilarious that stubborn person that sees it better than anyone else goes out to drive and do it, discovers they’re trapped in the job and does things to fix being untrapped from it and suddenly the hero is on the outside watching through the window, the story unfold. If you’re me, what you did multiple times was went back in the storefront and broke it so that you had a job again, Wreck It Ralph. So you have a job again. And so now we, we have to guard against that. It starts with that development of knowing that like, so it’s actually happening again right now for the count we grew up again and so we did a great job bringing someone into our business development team. And so, you know, on the growth department, my job is make sure that they’re generating leads and all that. And here I am sitting on the outside again I’m like alright crap, like what am I supposed to do? Like I could get in tinker with systems, mess with our software, kind of over manage our COO, or it could be honest and say, wait a minute, that’s all breaking the company. They love me, I love them. Well, how can I help be the hero and what problems need to be solved? So for me, now what I do is I stopped, take real massive deep breath and realize I don’t need to go break it, I’ve done that before. Here’s what happens when I overthink, but what is our company really need? So that too big to be small and too small to be big company needs me to be the business developer of strategic relationships.

Vinnie:            So now I get the permission to go do that and I go tell my executive team, hey what do you think about this idea? And they’re like, yeah, go run with that. Now how do you run with that in a way that jacking up the other part of it? And that is a mature discussion with a growing enterprise as opposed to go in and over manipulate and try to fix that one customer service ticket that didn’t get answered correctly, and next thing you know, you’re blowing up your customer service department because you have nothing better to do.

Josh:   Yes. So guarding against that allows you to still stay busy doing what, CEO’s want to stay busy, we want to feel like we’re contributing, we want to feel like we’re making progress, but not doing that in a way that crosses the guard rail. Clunks everything up for everybody else. And podcasting for me, this has been a new found passion that I had years ago and I gave it up because just like you said, this strategic partnerships, affiliates, just reconnecting with old friends and new friends, just figuring out what’s out there is allowed me. This podcasting world has allowed me to go do that. I’ve been able to enjoy opportunities with, with guys like you. So then if, so talk to me about fully accountable. If somebody that’s listening to this, once it’s running a digital and ECOM type of business, how would they connect with you so that if there’s somebody that’s listening that you know, could be potentially a client for you, what’s a good way to connect with your organization?

Vinnie:            Cool. Well, I’m going to answer that a couple of ways. One is I love you guys, so we went out of her way to create a specific page for your people. So it’s FullyAccountable.com/SREC.. So SREC, couldn’t help myself. So they just go to StrategicRealEstateCoach, which is SREC with the forward slash on. There will be a gift page or we’re giving our best selling books, CEO’s Mindset and False Prophets. All they have to do is give us their info, no obligations, it’s theirs for free. And in return, anybody on that page who wants to talk about how to actually have a back office that’s run correctly for that type of business, they can sign up for a call and talk with one of our experts on how to do that. You know, our mission is to help double the profit margin of a business and it’s the stop that leaky bucket and do it the right way. And so we’re delighted to have a call and if it’s the right fit, we’ll show you how to do that virtually through us where we’re on your team at a fraction of the cost, actually, you’ll have the whole team, the costs less than having an entry level person join your team. And so we will do that, but first and foremost, Josh, even if they’re not the right fit, we want to give that gift and support your community. So we’d love it if people take advantage of that.

Josh:   Fantastic. Yeah, appreciate that. And we’ll put in the show notes and we’ll add that to the description of this interview.

Vinnie:            But the best way is You just go to Fully.com and you can go to forward slash get you free gifts. You can always just hit us at the contact us, we have a real mature operation that will do a great job of handling you through a discussion.

Josh:   Fantastic. So Vin, one of the things I’ve always noticed about you, I think people that know you well, you have a unique ability to work and consistently provide value with like zero strings attached and that’s why you have such a massive community and a huge referral network and lots of business owners that come to you for advice and so you know, real estate and businesses is often about who you know, it’s about, you know, connecting with people, whether it’s private lenders, investors, other affiliates, etc. I’d like to just hear your take on that. Like when I see you at Traffic and Conversion Summit, you’re not walking the room looking for what you need. You’re usually walking into the room like strategically, purposely looking to connect with people and give them something, give them some of you, give them some advice, give them some ideas. So just talk to that and why that philosophy has worked for you long-term and building your businesses.

Vinnie:            I wouldn’t say at all times that was conscious. I am so thankful that you know, the good Lord’s given me a heart that just likes people. I like people, so I’m always fascinated by someone’s story. Well, if you mature that over time and you realize that everyone does have a unique story and you’re coming at it from that perspective, then what’s flowing through you is like the way to solve their problem might not always be you. It might be somebody else. And like what came as a result of all that, maybe early it started as manipulation I’m not sure, but I love now is that if I’m connecting josh with Carol and Josh with Tony will then that they’re going to remember that Vinnie wanted to do that. They might forget, but they’re never going to sit around and being like worried that I was like trying to have my hand into that transaction or to that deal or I’m only connecting them because it was good for me. Well, I’ve gotten rid of that and, I actually, I’ll tell you who I benefit version this version of that with Ryan Deiss wants told a fun story. You may have not or may have been in the room. He said, your network and your equity as a person, you need to think like a bank account. How many withdrawals and deposits are you making? And if you’re making more withdrawals then you are deposits, then you’re running negative on your account. Well, gosh darn it I just think of that way when I’m connecting people. I make more deposits than withdrawals. Now sometimes I’m not good at making withdrawals it misses it and, but I think in the long run, being a better depositor, then a withdrawer, I think wins.

Josh:   Yeah, absolutely. I mean there’s been so many times you’ve connected me with someone and we’ve met, we put together something or some deal and then of course you know, you’re mentally in the middle of it even if you’re not in the middle of it in a business transaction, you’re mentally in the middle of it and you know, people remember that stuff. And then when we’re thinking about accounting services or mentorship or mastermind group, of course you’re know you’re a top of mind type of guy. So Vin, as we kind of round third here and head for home with this interview. I want to talk just for a minute about Total CEO. There’s a lot of different mastermind groups out there for real estate and for different networking functions. you run an extremely high level mastermind group for CEO’s, for leaders. I was an original sort of member of that, had to take a step back last year because some health issues in my family, but we’d love to reengage in that, but just talk about Total CEO. What’s the mission of that organization? How does it work and how are you helping those CEO’s level up? Not only their businesses, but a personal level. I’ve gotten so much personal benefit from that organization.

Vinnie:            Yeah. So thanks for that. I mean Total CEO’s core mission is you, the name speaks for itself. So you literary leader in multiple environments. You may be a leader in your business and you have parts that are missing. You’re a leader at home and there’s parts you haven’t signed up for. Well our whole idea is five f’s, right? Everything starts with family. If your family jacked up, then your business is going to have some issues. So it’s family, then it’s literally the finance. I look at the business because the only language a business speaks is finance and so many of us have that part jacked up and we suck at cash flow and we make some money and then give it all back. Faith, you got to have faith in something bigger than yourself. You got to be surrounded by friends, right. Now, back on that finance, right? We put in fitness because fitness is this whole thing, both in your business has to be healthy and you personally and then the whole thing, gosh darn it, if you’re not trying to find ways to have fun, why the freak are you doing it? And so there’s way more ways to live life than to be completely miserable. So we work on those, right?

Vinnie:            So lots of times we might be talking about what’s jacked up in your marriage and what, how do you deal with that in order to be better in the office and to lead well means that you have to inspire and motivate, do all these things well how do you do that if there’s a massive thorn in your paw? So you know, that’s why I encouraged, take a read of CEO’s Mindset, you’ll get inside of my head and my heart and that’s there and I’m doing something really cool by the way, mastermind owners, I’m going to come up with this consortium where masterminds shouldn’t compete. If you’re an active member of your mastermind, I have this idea where if you ever want to come visit other ones, those leader come together and have a country club style where people should be able to visit and have a guest fee come to masterminds. I don’t think we should be cherry picking from each other because there’s so many people who aren’t in one that need the community with healthily growing a business. And so that’s what we’re out doing.

Josh:   Yeah. Fantastic. Total CEO, when I got involved with that a couple of years ago, you know my business, I had this new private equity fund, I was building frank with you as you know Vin my wife was not all that supportive of it. And to be totally transparent with our audience, you know, it was a new business. We had started other businesses, started a lot of businesses on my own and my wife was never really involved in those while our marriage had matured and she wanted to be involved. She wanted to know what the heck was going on and I was too dumb to engage with her and get her feelings on it and started this thing without her and it was really in a heap of a mess over it. And I, you know, uh, just divulge that information to the Total CEO family to Vinnie and the other guys and they helped me work through it. It took a while, it took a couple of years and to the point now where my wife is very supportive of it. She understands that she’s first and foremost in my life and a lot of those personal, you know, back and forth, things to work out because when you’re the spouse of an entrepreneur, I can’t, I’m not there, but I’m an entrepreneur side. But the spouse of the entrepreneur has to be just complete chaos sometimes and as an entrepreneur, I don’t think we know what the spouse and sometimes the family is going through because there’s a lot of uncertainty and so Total CEO’s as been mentioned, the five f’s, showed me away to really focus on all five and that business wasn’t 100 percent of my life. It was, you know, one of the five focuses and really got me through.

Vinnie:            I want to add one thing for Lisa and Debbie because of the three other listeners, hopefully they’re in there. And so remember ladies you said yes.

Josh:   Yeah., you said yes. Vinnie I both thought we both, we both married way up. So we’ve really had a lot of fun. Our wives had been through a lot with us and supported us.

Vinnie:            As a leader of a business, you know, there’s a talk in the church community that you can, you can gauge the success of a pastor by looking at the effort put into the marriage and I think there’s a lot of truth in the CEO world. Now a lot of guys have sought out happiness over holiness and not fought well for their marriage and they might be doing version two in their marriage really well, but if you don’t work on getting that right, then the uphill battle it at the office is sadly it was, let’s put it this way, most likely not survivable. Amy Stefanik is doing some really cool just to give her a shout out. She’s doing this stuff for the wives of entrepreneurs and so if anyone’s interested, check her out? Easy to go check out, she’s writing a book on it. I’m kind of, Deb and I are going to go on her podcast and do some stuff there. But she’s kind of talking to Lisa and Debbie and trying to like remember it’s bigger than just saying yes and help us help them. And one tip I give people like Debbie and Lisa is that when you and I, Josh, let them in our head and heart where were freaked out and it’s okay to have a safe place to talk about being worried about payroll and cash flow and like let them in a little bit. The pressure of them thinking all this other crazy stuff starts to go away real fast.

Josh:   Yeah. The more I tell her she doesn’t want to know everything, but she wants to know what’s on my mind, right. She doesn’t even know the day to day operation of the whole thing nor does she really care for that, but she doesn’t want to be in it, she wants to know what we’re thinking about it, how we’re feeling that week or that day or that month…

Vinnie:            She wants to know that we’re in it together, right. Like, honey, just like, I feel like you’re running, you might remember to grab me somewhere along the way. You want to feel like we’re in it together.

Josh:   Yeah. Fantastic. So Vin, again, we’ll put this in the resources in the show notes, but our entrepreneurial buddies that are really looking for a mastermind to connect to how would they get in touch with you guys,

Vinnie:            They can just go to TheTotalCeo.com there’s a forward slash mastermind they can see more about it and if they just hit me up, either VinnieFisher.com or go there and do that, we can send them out some fun stuff and get to see if they’re a right fit and if they’re not a right fit for ours, thankfully, like I said, we’re connected to other masterminds where we can help them with the right fit if we’re not it.

Josh:   Fantastic Vin. So listen, thanks so much for being on my friend. I yeah, we don’t get to spend enough time together when we do it’s always really fun. So I appreciate you hopping on today.

Vinnie:            I’m glad I’m here because I love you pal.

Josh:   Yeah you too bud, you too. So guys listen, thanks so much for being here today on another episode of The Strategic Real Estate Coach Podcast interview series. If you enjoyed it, leave us a rating, eave us a review. If you’ve got questions for Vin, definitely put those into the comments the show notes. Whether you find this on YouTube or ITunes we monitor those platforms all the time. We’ll feed that over to Vinnie, check out the show notes for all the free gifts and the different websites that he has available and listen guys, being an entrepreneur is not easy, but you’ve got to have some organization you’re connected to some mentorship, some help along the way. Jump in. Thanks so much for being here today. As always, go out, be daring, have fun. We’ll talk to you soon. Take care.

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