One of the things I love most about my podcast, my webinars, and all of my social media is the chance I have to talk to amazing people about their dreams, goals, and what they’re working on. I get to talk to business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors about what drives them. Without fail, for the most successful ones, it’s not about the money. It’s about the relentless pursuit of personal freedom.

There’s been a lot of talk over the last year about how divided we are as a country. There’s the left and the right. There are anti-maskers over here and vaccine lovers over there. The beautiful thing about all of this is that we get to decide how much of this noise that we pay attention to. When you’re in pursuit of personal freedom, you’re less worried about the news or social media. If your dream is to have personal freedom, then being an entrepreneur is exactly the path you need to pursue.


People who have a regular job, like a 9-5 kind of job, are at the beck and call of their employer. It’s all about, “What does my boss want? What do the customers want?”. They might have a chance to work from home, but they have to get on a Zoom call when their boss calls a meeting. They have to call their customers when their boss says they have to. And they have to give up their time for the company they work for.

I’m a boss and I have a lot of respect for my employees and my staff. But it’s just a fact that entrepreneurs dream about having that time freedom that employees don’t have.

Personal freedom looks like:

  • Freedom of time
  • Freedom of decision
  • Freedom of relationships
  • Freedom of movement

The one thing that personal freedom isn’t? It’s not freedom of money. Because this isn’t about money. This is about jumping in the car and going camping for the weekend, or cutting out in the middle of the week for a getaway with your wife.


It’s funny. I see guys on social media podcasts talking about their Lamborghinis or their 20,000 square foot houses on the beach. True personal freedom is not about being a billionaire. Sure, I understand that those might be the pictures on your vision boards. But really, it’s not about the money.

The money will come as the business grows. The entrepreneurs that I know, they’re out there hustling their faces off, but they love it because they get to choose what they do with their time. They’re up early. They’re planning and executing. They’re taking the time to build their business and they love it because they’re in charge of their day.

One of the biggest aspects of being a successful entrepreneur is the momentum. It’s like a thrill. Or an adrenaline rush. As one deal rolls into another, you can literally see your business’s momentum grow and it’s one of the best feelings in the world. When you suddenly realize that you can head off for the weekend because you don’t answer to anyone, that’s when you realize you’ve made it.


Even if you’re working a regular job right now, there are still four things you can do to start creating personal freedom for yourself. Regardless of your family situation or your job situation, I want to tell you about the four things that have been most impactful in my own life.

1. Identify what makes you most happy, and then do that. Is it going for a bike ride? Is it ziplining? Or maybe coaching volleyball? Is it spending time with your elderly parents? What makes you happy?

2. Schedule what makes you most happy on your calendar. You see, whatever you schedule is going to get done. Let go of your perception that if you have time, you’ll do that thing. You know that that’s not really how it works. You control time. So schedule it.

3. Create boundaries. If you need to create boundaries around family members that bring you down or friends that you don’t need to see as much, do that. If you need to stop with some of your obligations so that you can make room for this personal freedom journey, create that boundary.

4. Give up on leeches. If I want to go on Facebook and get into a fight with somebody, in today’s day and age that’s easy to do. Instagram, YouTube, TV, Hulu, and Netflix; all of these things consume your time without offering you much in return. Give up time leeches and go do something that makes you happy.


Refuse to have someone else dictate your time.
Refuse to accept mediocrity.
Refuse to conform to the average.

You’ve got to be willing to accept the risk of not having a consistent paycheck in exchange for personal freedom. In return, your time’s going to be your own again.

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Be Daring,


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